We help agencies hire part time or full time Eastern European talent without hiring fees.

Build your dream team in as little as 7 days, starting just $9/h.

Rated 4.9/5 by our agency owners.

"Go Carpathian is now the only source we'll use for hiring from Eastern Europe. Everyone we've hired with them has been hard working, highly skilled, and spoke great English."

Dallin Flake

Creative Director

How it works

Tell Us What You Need

Using a mix of interviews and surveys, we’ll pinpoint your pain points and help you come up with the right job description

Interview the Best candidates

We’ll typically have 3-5 candidates ready for you to interview within 10 days.

Run a 20 hour trial

Every hire through Go Carpathian is risk free. If it’s not a good fit here, we’ll find you a new candidate for no additional fee. Hire the right person every time.

Hire and grow!

We’ll handle all payments, International compliance and headaches. Your job is to use your new hire to grow your business and achieve success for yourself and your team

What sets us apart?

This likely isn’t the first time you’ve tried to hire overseas talent. And chances are, you’ve probably run into one or more of these dastardly failures from traditional outsourcing:

Huge $10,000+ headhunter fees for a candidate who might not even work out

Hiring talent that can’t understand you. (Cultural context, anyone?)

Dozens of hours wasted interviewing unqualified candidates

Scammers on marketplaces like UpWork or Fiver

Power outages caused by hiring in countries too poor to work remotely

Long term contracts

Not letting you talk to the person you hired (double gross)

It’s no wonder so many agencies feel like they can’t find good, affordable talent. While US labor costs continue to rise, the old guardians of outsourcing only care about one thing: $$$$.

What if, instead of a transactional system that doesn’t work for anyone, we instead flipped the old model of outsourcing on it’s head?

That’s where Go Carpathian comes in.

We specialize in connecting agency owners like you with top-tier, educated professionals in Eastern Europe for a fraction of U.S. labor costs. In short, we handle the entire hiring process so you can focus on growing and expanding your agency. Go Carpathian will allow you to access a handpicked pool of exceptional professionals, ready to fuel your agency's growth.

Unlike most traditional outsourcing countries, the people you'll find at Go Carpathian speak excellent English and understand your cultural context, preventing crushing communication breakdowns.

And best of all, we don't charge hiring fees.

Our innovative approach to outsourcing ensures that both parties are fully invested in achieving outstanding results.

So what sets Go Carpathian apart from all those other ways to hire overseas?

We call our new win-win paradigm of outsourcing The New Model of Outsourcing.

It’s revolutionizing how US based agencies hire overseas.

No hiring fees– we hire the professionals ourselves

Eastern Europeans are... European. They understand how you (and your clients) think

Handpicked, educated professionals

Guaranteed Internet and computer access

Month to month, risk free terms

Talent fully embedded in your business

All of our candidates are

Proficient English writers & speakers

Available to work on US or European time zones

Highly Skilled and Trained Workers

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

This will depend on the expectations for & experience needed for the role you're hiring for. Please book a free discovery call for a quote suited to your specific situation.

How long will it take to hire someone from the Carpathian Basin?

We recommend starting the process at least 30 days from your designed hiring date. Faster timelines may be available upon request.

Which countries do you source from?

Our speciality is countries in the Carpathian Basin, although we do source from most Central/Eastern European countries: 

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
North Macedonia

Do your candidates speak English well?

Yes, all of our candidates, take written and spoken English tests to even be eligible to apply for the role. Some of our best candidates speak native English.

What roles can you help me hire for?

Any role involving a sales, marketing, operations or administrative role is a good fit for Go Carpathian. Our hires range from entry level virtual assistants to industry leading COOs and marketing professionals.

What is your vetting process?

Each candidate is screened using a variety of industry standard examinations including interviews, skill assessments, and trial runs.

Where does your name come from?

Go Carpathian recruits primarily from an area of Eastern Europe called the Carpathian Basin. For more details see this video.

Get started with us today

Build your dream team in as little as 7 days, starting just $9/h.

Rated 4.9/5 by our agency owners.

“The GoCarpathian initial education and onboarding process is smooth. My clients have been happy with the relationship so far and we’ve onboarded an awesome new hire.”

Nate Ruben

Founder, Ruben Digital